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That's just what precisely why Redditors thought that it was advisable ended up being. It's not a bad concept. But it's a poor idea. Both teams said that the concept could be detrimental to Reddit. It might produce a poor community. It might be a way for Reddit to make cash. It will be a way for Reddit to become more like Twitter and Twitter. How would it be a poor concept? There is a large number of reasons that would be bad.

It's not advisable. Subreddits are absolve to make use of. Which are the various subreddits? The different subreddits are arranged into threads and that can be sorted by various criteria. The subreddits are arranged into threads and can be sorted by various requirements. The solution isn't any. What exactly is Reddit? Reddit is a social news and activity website. We enable users to create content on a certain subreddit. The subreddit is arranged into threads and may be sorted by different criteria.

Maybe it's a huge problem if some one created a fake account to post a number of negative responses about Redditors. Individuals could produce fake records become irritating to many other users. Maybe it's a way for Reddit in order to make cash. There are various subreddits that can be used. May I publish content to a subreddit that I do perhaps not own? Yes. If you do not have a subreddit, you are able to still publish content to a subreddit. You don't need to own a subreddit to post content to a subreddit.

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If you would like share a web link to your own site or web log, you can do therefore with the addition of it on Reddit text box on 'submit a hyperlink' web page. If you want to submit a comment, you can certainly do so by using the 'submit comment' switch. Should you want to submit a photograph, you certainly can do therefore utilizing the 'submit photo' button. Should you want to submit a hyperlink to a video clip, you certainly can do so by using the 'submit movie' switch.

Upvote content. If you should be looking for a quick way to get karma, upvoting can be your most useful bet. When you upvote a post, it's provided for the 'hot' area.